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 professional opportunities? 

Join parents who are feeling more confident about where their children are headed.

“Tzvi Broker specializes in a niche that has been neglected for many years. When we initially met we had no idea of what to expect. We were blown away by his vast knowledge of the student education industry which allows him to provide guidance and advice specifically for every childs need. Tzvi is dedicated to ensuring that your child is able to maintain the perfect balance of Torah values as well as the opportunity to enter the workforce in an appropriate and respectable manner.” 

—  Reuven Jacob, RBS A Resident

About me

Rabbi, Educator, Career & Educational Guidance Counselor

Originally from NY, I have been in Israel since 2000 and have worked in counseling teens to find their unique strengths and build an educational & professional path that they can flourish in. 

An Oleh myself, I appreciate the struggles of making sense of a confusing educational system and am passionate about helping you navigate the best option for your child according to your values.

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Every Anglo parent seeks to understand the educational and professional pathways in Israel. This includes what's needed to get a job, what's needed to get into college (is bagrut really needed?) & what supplementary education you should be providing your kids to set them up for success later. Don't stay in the dark! 

Understand what's needed specifically for your son through professional assessment of his personality & skills, exploration of relevant professions and guidance on where to study.

With the Haskama of Local Rabbanim and other leading Rabbanim including Rav Moshe Weinberger, shlita

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