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"Tzvi is on the cutting edge of career guidance, teaching the tools for balancing the demands of work and life in a uniquely Jewish way.  As a supremely engaging lecturer across the globe and Director of Career Opportunities at Shabbat.com, he continues to help Jews live productive professional lives, while incorporating Jewish lessons of hard work and honesty. Tzvi Broker is a treasure!  


—  Rabbi B. Klatzko, Founder of Shabbat.com



Shalom! I'm a passionate pioneer in bridging the worlds of professional development and Judaism.

I develop curriculum, deliver workshops, company training and serve as a consultant for Jewish organizations seeking to integrate a career development component into their programs.

Just an individual? Don't worry!

I specialize in coaching high achievers who want to experience more excitement, success, actualization and balance in their professional lives from a unique Jewish angle.

Let's get you, your employees or your students to start working the way G-d and Judaism has in mind!


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